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2003-07-29 - 9:47 p.m. - erotica...

Do you remember the last time you had really good sex? Well it has been a really, really long time for me. What I would really like to do is write erotica based on firsthand experience, passages similar to this one but since I haven't really been getting any as of late, There is very little in the way of source material I have to work with.

This piece was actually written in my previous diary and then copied again here buried deep in the middle one of my older weblog style entries. The main  purpose for the re-copy is to dedicate this to it's very own page with it's very own navigation link. As such, I have cleaned up any typographical errors and tried to catch any grammar errors and regrouped certain passages into paragraphs. I figure if I'm going to get points off in some of these reviews for writing too much about sex, it might as well be an account of me actually having sex instead of just the usual entry of me babbling about my lack of sex and the need for it.

The whole thing is a way of reminding me that life is not always bitter, in fact there are moments when it can be breathtakingly beautiful. This is a way of sharing that feeling with those who are interested in reading on. It also helps me to keep in sight, things that I feel are important to me, to not be discouraged because if I can help it moments like these will happen to me again and again...

Anyway, here's the story:

It was a Friday Night, our second date of sorts. We attended a party at this hip downtown bar. It was the birthday celebration of one of my mom's friends. You see, my mom is not your typical mom. She's more like a sister to me, close enough that we enjoy hanging out on occasions like this every so often. Anyhow, she has a close friend who lives out of state who's a mutual friend of the birthday celebrant. She came along with two of her friends and her daughter whom I had dated the previous few weekends and I felt like we really hit it off.

We all had quite a few drinks throughout the night. Anyway by the middle of the night we were really stayed close to each other. I know I always had my arm around her or I was caressing he shoulder or holding her hand or touching her leg or stealing kisses when nobody was looking and whatever. I was totally into her that night. So by the end of the night everyone was pretty much wasted. I wasn't quite as wasted since I was a designated driver, but I definitely had my buzz on and afterwards, we all went home to my apartment. I had to work the next morning, early. So everyone else stayed up and continued drinking. I said my goodnights to everyone and gave my apologies that I could not continue with them. I then went to my room to get ready for bed.

My girl walked to my bedroom door a few minutes later for a goodnight kiss. I took her by the hand and pulled her into my room. Our lips came together and are tongues were rolling off of one another as I felt her body against mine. My dick got so fucking hard in my boxers. I pushed my bulge up against her crotch as I kissed her neck. She let out a soft moan during her exhale and I felt the air of her breath against my ear...

I whispered to her, 'I want you to sleep with me tonight...' She said couldn't, she was worried that both our moms were across the hall in the living room and it would be too obvious if we both disappeared into the bedroom like that. Also, we didn't want to make a bad impression with our parents. I told her she should go back out to the living room so nobody would look for her and she agreed. I also told her that when everyone else is passed out, and if she was comfortable, she was invited to sleep with me. She just smiled at the suggestion.

When she turned around, heading for the door, I embraced her from behind, kissing the back of her neck. Then with one hand I found my way up her baby T-shirt fondled her beautiful breast within. With the other hand, I reached down her pajama pants, down her cotton panties and I started fondling her crotch. The first thing I noticed was that her pussy was so nicely trimmed. As I fingered her, I felt her lips start to get moist. She felt so soft and silky and so wet between my fingers. I started spreading the moistness to her clit and started circling it with my finger and she started to moan softly. With my free hand I continued fondling her breasts, then I gently pulled on her hair to one side enough to expose her neck so I could kiss and suck on it more freely. Then we heard a glass break in the living room followed by laughter. Our mood was interrupted so I let her go to investigate and to continue with everyone else while I crashed in bed...

So there I was, dreaming away, I'm not sure how long I have been asleep, but I was awakened by her beautiful body on top of mine. She whispered to me that there was no room anywhere else in the apartment for her to sleep in. I was still half-asleep but I remember embracing her as we started kissing watch other and it was building up in intensity and turning very passionate. My cock was becoming so hard from our bodies rubbing deeply against each other. We must have kissed like this for at least 30 minutes, by that time I was fully awakened and fully aroused, our breath heavy from the passion. 

We started taking each other's clothes off, but the bedroom door was still wide open. So I slowly closed and locked it behind me. I completed undressing myself and I slowly peeled off her pajama shorts. Her baby T-shirt was clinging tightly to her perky breasts and here erect nipples. I could not fight the urge to put my hands under her shirt and fondle her, pinching those nipples that have been teasing me. I pulled her shirt off to more easily get my mouth around those luscious nipples. As she whispered a moan I got even more aroused and sucked on them harder making her moans more pitched and more fevered.     

...and finally her bikini cut cotton underwear, I patiently fondled between her legs with her panties still intact. I could feel the warmth of her wet pussy on my fingertips through her panties, inviting me to peel them off. She lifted her waist as I pulled off her moistened panties. I remember every inch of her skin being so unbelievably soft under my lips as I laid my lips on her entire body. She had such beautiful curves. I kissed her calves slowly up to her knees, inching up to her inner thighs and finally to her beautiful pussy. 

Her pubic hair was neatly and beautifully trimmed and her lips and clit felt like moistened silk on my tongue. I glided my tongue stud around her clit as I fingered her wet pussy probing for her g-spot. I could feel her sweet nectar wetting and dripping from my face while her body writhed under my lips an tongue. In that moment I knew she was mine, with her thrusting her pelvis against my face. I rubbed my lips and tongue harder and faster on her clit until finally she reached her orgasm breathing heavily trying to soften and refrain her moaning so our family wouldn't hear us.

As I got up, she spread her legs for me as if beckoning me to enter her. As I leaned towards her, she started fondling my balls and my cock until it was rock hard and throbbing with anticipation. I climbed on top of her and slid every inch of my manhood into her hot wet and waiting pussy. She let out a soft moan as her vagina adjusted to my cock entering her. I could feel the warmth of her juices on my cock. It felt so good sliding my cock in and out of her wet pussy. I wanted to take her like no man ever would. I positioned one of my hands under her ass for leverage. Then I started to pump her hard, as I did the bed started to rock and squeak and the headboard began knocking against the wall. I was rubbing and grinding the mound of my pubic hair against her clit during my deepest penetrations.

In the heat of passion, the fucking bed was squeaking and banging too loud, so I slid my cock out of her pussy and bent her over the side of my bed. I proceeded to take her from behind. My fucking cock went in so fucking deep. Her ass was so round and beautiful. I slapped one of her cheeks turning it blush red. I felt her pussy squeeze against my cock. I was so close to exploding, but I wasn't fucking ready to come, yet...

The bed kept squeaking and knocking, we were going to fucking wake somebody up if we kept going. I thought to myself fuck this shit! I then pulled the comforter and sheets off of the bed and spread it on the floor along with all of the pillows. Now I could bang her as hard as I wanted to, as hard as I needed to without all the fucking noise from the bed. I took her doggy style with her pussy squeezing me so tight and her ass slapping against my body. It got so fucking close for me again I almost fucking came.

I slid my cock off her and laid on the floor. She went on top of me and straddled my cock. I fondled her beautiful breasts feeling her nipples erect between thumbs and forefingers. It was like she was dancing on my fucking cock. She rode me until I was on the brink of orgasm again. I grabbed her by the ass and she put her arms around my neck. I stood myself up with my cock still inside her. With her legs wrapped around me I bounced her up and down on my cock still standing up. 

I fucked her so deeply and I kept fucking her until I started feeling the burn in my legs, until my heart started pounding fast and heavily like I was pounding her with sweat dripping from my forehead. Nearly exhausted, I gently laid her back down on the floor. With my cock sill inside her and her legs spread wide open to receive me, I started pumping her hard stopping between my frantic breaths to kiss those sweet lips of hers and explore the inside of her mouth with my tongue.

At the moment of intense build-up to the point of no return, I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and pushed it against her stomach. My cum exploded from my hard cock all over her abdomen. I kissed her hard and passionately as she squeezed and pulled the last of my cum out of my cock with her hand. I grabbed one of my T-shirts lying around and wiped my come off of her and we climbed back onto the bed taking the covers and pillows with us and we passed out naked in each other's arms...


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